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OSX Automation with Homebrew and Caskroom

In my last post about dotfiles I spoke of automating the setup and installation of a new mac.

There are two indepensible tools that deserve mentioning, Homebrew and Caskroom.


Many people will already be aware of Homebrew. It is a package manager for OSX that can be used to quickly and simply install tooling
brew install git
brew install python
brew install imagemagick

You can then keep this tooling up to date with a brew update to refresh the local cache and brew upgrade to find and install the new versions.


Caskroom extends Homebrew and applies the same ideas to full applications.
brew cask install google-chrome
brew cask install atom
brew cask install skype spotify iterm2 vagrant flux

Automate all the things

These two simple command line tools make it incredibly easy to write yourself a script that installs all the tooling and applications you need to get your mac up and running. Saving loads of time!