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Running jekyll with docker

Previously I moved my jekyll installation inside a Vagrant image. At the time this was a big improvement over installing and maintaining ruby/jekyll locally on my machines.

For a while now I have wanted to move this installation inside Docker instead. I actually use Docker daily in my work and am very comfortable in that environment.
It wasn't until the recent release of Docker for Mac beta that this became practical though with the improvements to volume mapping.

So this morning I finally made the switch.

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Running jekyll with vagrant

For a while now this blog has been built with Jekyll which has generally been a very positive experience.
It has also felt very fragile though. Installed as a set of global gems just waiting to be clobbered by an update.

So it was that I broke the setup one day. Instead of trying to fix it, I decided to isolate the setup inside a vagrant VM. This allows me to port it between machines and reproduce it at will.

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