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Running dnsmasq in Docker

Today we take a quick look at running dnsmasq as a docker container.

dnsmasq is a simple lightweight DNS (amongst other features) that can be used to easily set up various DNS records within your infrastructure. Our particular usecase is to set the TXT records Eureka requires for DNS based bootstrapping.

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Useful Docker Commands

Today I'll share some quick, helpful, docker commands I use in my workflow. These help keep my development and production machines clean of old and unused images.

I'm no bash expert, so tweet me or make a PR if you have any suggestions.

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Running jekyll with docker

Previously I moved my jekyll installation inside a Vagrant image. At the time this was a big improvement over installing and maintaining ruby/jekyll locally on my machines.

For a while now I have wanted to move this installation inside Docker instead. I actually use Docker daily in my work and am very comfortable in that environment.
It wasn't until the recent release of Docker for Mac beta that this became practical though with the improvements to volume mapping.

So this morning I finally made the switch.

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Connecting docker containers

Twice recently I have seen people ask on twitter about how to link docker containers. In both instances they were given overly-complex answers that are out of date with the current state of docker.

So today I will show you how to do it correctly for docker v1.10.0+

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Developing with Docker on OSX


Much of this post is made irrelevant by the release of Docker for Mac beta. You no longer need a separate virtualization environment (virtualbox) you no longer need to tunnel ports (docker-pf) and you can now map volumes directly from OSX to docker and have watches etc all work.
So just brew cask install docker and ignore most of this post!

Docker is the talk of the town in recent times. Containerized deployments of micro services are quickly gaining momentum as best-practice architecture for certain classes of applications.

As ever in software development though, understanding how to make a start with these tools isn't easy. Especially if you are working on an existing monolith.

So in this post I will share some basic tips to start using Docker in your existing development workflow, gaining this understanding can be the stepping stone to using Docker in production or in your next project.

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